Welcoming dating brand Urban Social to the platform! would like to welcome new partner Urban Social to the platform.

An established dating brand since 2004, Urban Social decided to migrate their dating site to the platform so they could solely focus their time and budget on marketing and promotional activities. will provide all of the back-end requirements such as the dating software, payment processing, customer support and hosting infrastructure.

Jim Strong from Urban Social comments: As the dating site grew in popularity, we decided to look at a solution whereby we could keep our promotional activity high and not have to worry about the day-to-day admin tasks. With their in-house teams for technological development and first class customer care, are a good choice for us.”

Steve Pammenter, Co-founder and Director of Partnerships adds: “We are really pleased to welcome the Urban Social team to our platform. They have worked very hard to make Urban Social a great dating brand and we look forward to working with their team and helping continue their business success.”

Welcome guys! 🙂

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