Wedding bells are ringing!

One of the biggest rewards that comes with working in the dating industry is receiving emails from people who have left a site because they have found exactly what they were looking for- whether that’s their soul mate, a companion, or just a new found confidence for getting back into the dating scene. And what’s our favourite sound at Wedding bells of course! Just take a look at two of the most recent success stories we’ve had sent through to our inboxes…


Mingling 50’s South Africa

I have been a widow for three years now and in July 2010 I started chatting with a lovely young man on this site. Having found out he lives in the same area as myself, we decided to meet for a drink one afternoon. I knew he was younger than me, but never let that stand in my way. We met and there was instant chemistry between the two of us. We had a brief fling and I said I was not taking this seriously because of our age difference. Brad is 33 years old and I am 54 years old. Well he just could not stay away. We started seeing one another more frequently, and in December we went on holiday together. I asked him in January to move in with me and things have just gone from strength to strength.

In September 2011 he proposed to me, and I accepted. We are to be married on the 28th January 2012. A beautiful garden wedding is planned with all our friends and family. Brad has never been married before, so I will make this a special day for him. It just goes to show, don’t let little things like age stop one from happiness. He is the most awesome partner any woman could wish to have. Thanks for making this possible and best of luck to all the lonely people out there trying to find their soul mates. Pearl.

40s Dating

It was not a meeting planned to meet a possible mate, it was just two people meeting because we had a shared experience between us and felt that we can be of help for each other. Both of us have lost our partners, me losing my husband in 2009 and Robert losing in 2010. As my grieving period had been longer and I have sort of come out of the fog some months ago, we really thought that I can be of some assistance to him. We met in the parking area of Multi-Choice, Cape Town of all places. I love motorbikes and suddenly there he was on his blue motorbike, blue helmet. I got out of my car, walked towards him and asked him to remove his helmet so that I can see his eyes. He did and I was lame in my knees. It was love at first sight for both of us.

We are more in love than before and feel more like teenagers than middle-agers. We have not been apart since, it’s just so good, we never have a silent moment between us, laugh a lot etc. etc. I am sure many couples have told you the same story. As both our marriages were very happy we never thought we would be able to top it, but it seems the universe had something up its sleeve for us and I am very, very grateful.

We got engaged on 12 October, never expected this, was just asked to close my eyes and open my mouth, which I did, but got a ring on my finger instead. It is a beautiful relationship, lots of laughter, tears and no longer feeling lonely. Thanking you all, Anne.

With our South African network currently flourishing, it seems as though South African singles are feeling the love more than ever. Such fantastic success stories and I’m sure you’ll all join us in saying congratulations to both of the couples and wish them all the best for the future :-).

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