Valentine’s Day Marketing Comms Campaign: Results

The Marketing Comms Team launched a 7-day campaign over the Valentine’s Day period with the main objectives to encourage more member-to-member messaging in the build up to Valentine’s Day and to enrich the database with freshly updated profiles.

Surveys took place across the General, Mature and Adult networks to find out our members’ views on Valentine’s Day that also gathered ideas for future improvements to the service. A series of competition newsletters went out across the platform, encouraging members to update specific elements of their profiles and to send special Valentine’s Day Icebreakers to be in with a chance of winning a variety of prizes.

We had a great response – a huge amount of members took part and provided us with some insightful, informative feedback. A selection of the results were made into infographics – a great way to express the data back to our members.

There was a 38% increase in new diary entries on the same day the competition newsletter was sent. Unique Ice Breakers also rose by 23% and Virtual Gifts (that had been promoted within the newsletters) also saw a spike in sales, an increase of 102% compared to the previous day’s figures.

With over 85,000 winks sent on the Sunday before Valentine’s Day, our ‘Wink Weekend’ was a huge success across the network and we saw high amounts of member activity on Valentine’s Day. Compared with last year, revenue collected was up by 65% and basic members increased by 35%.

The team are currently reviewing the data and will be implementing changes to improve the platform throughout the year.


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