Top tips for your dating sites ….

Inline With social media becoming increasingly popular and important to brand building,‘s Content & Copywriting Co-ordinator Amy Loudon has put together some great tips to help you on your way…

Use Social Media
In today’s digitally connected world there really is no reason why your brand or business should not have a presence somewhere in the social media bubble. The majority of users will not proactively type your website’s URL into their browser and arrive at your site via direct traffic. That is why reaching people where they virtually ‘hang out’ is essential.

Of course, not all niches will suit every social networking site but, you can guarantee that your main target audience will be using at least one of them. For example, a single parent or mature dating site would be better promoted through Facebook, as studies have found that the number one reason for these target groups using the social network already, is to share pictures of their children/grandchildren. On the other hand, an adult site would be better promoted on Twitter where you can attract a specific audience with targeted tweets. General sites would of course sit happily on both.

There are useful demographic numbers available (Pew Research) for most social media platforms which can give you a better insight as to what sites are best to use for your target audience.

Keep your audience in mind
It’s important to always have your brand in mind when you post content or interact online, but perhaps what is even more important is considering your audience. What would make them choose to read your material? What can you do to make your content relevant to your readers? With every tweet, re-tweet, status update, or comment, ask yourself ‘will this appeal to my audience?’ Don’t be afraid to take a less formal approach and adopt a conversational style on social media sites – post in the tone that people will associate with your site, engaging with your audience on a ‘human’ level.

Make your site sticky
Once you’ve driven traffic to your site (whether that’s from targeted ads, PPC or social media), it’s important to keep them there. This is where a blog becomes a handy tool. A ‘sticky site’ is one where a first time reader lands and finds it difficult to leave, because something about the site makes them want to continue exploring. The perfect way to make your site sticky is to link, link, link! Hook users and reel them in by creating links (where relevant) between blog posts, to allow users to move effortlessly around the site and more importantly, stay engaged with your brand.

On top of this, include prominent calls to action such as prompts to subscribe to the blog, an option to follow you on Twitter or a Facebook Like button. From then on, the user will always be the first to know when you post something new online and will therefore come back to your site.

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