Top 5 tips to give your site a seasonal look


December has come around very quickly this year! In the last week before Christmas, make sure you have spruced up your sites and bring some of that festive cheer to your landing page. My top 5 suggestions below will get your site into the Christmas spirit.

1. Web banner – this is one of the easiest things to update. Add a Christmas bow or a short holiday greeting in this area and you get a quick Christmas facelift. You can even match the colour scheme to align with your brand to further drive home the Christmas connection.

2. Buttons – want to do something small or add a little something extra to your site? Why not consider adding a dash of Christmas to your navigation icons and other buttons on your site, then each time your members click on a button they will be getting some Christmas cheer.

3. Santa Hats – why not add a Santa hat to the corner of a form, this very simple and easy to do and will instantly give your site a festive look.

4. Christmas Picture – have a main picture on your site? Change it to one with a festive theme and give it a fresh new look for the season.

5. Christmas Copy – last but certainly not least! Why not give your site text some Christmas cheer? You may entice people to sign up who want to meet someone to spend this season with (and many seasons after that).

Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sarah Iles, Partner Manager @

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