Tips for Partners: Google Remarketing

This week, Partner Manager, Gary Taylor, tells us why you should be optimising with Google Remarketing and how to hit potential customers who’ve already checked you out.

Remarketing is a tool that’s been around for a while now, but is growing in popularity for all the right reasons. Have you ever asked yourself the question: what happens to the users that have hit my landing page but haven’t joined the site?

Well, it’s more than likely that they’ll go away and join another dating site. What’s more, they will probably have found the other site from exactly the same search query from which they found you, or maybe even a slightly altered one.

A number of months ago, Google introduced a game-changer; Google Remarketing. The tool has now quickly become an essential tool for any business looking to acquire new customers every day.

As a general rule, the users that have hit your landing page would have done one of the following:

– Clicked on a paid advert
– Clicked on an organic listing
– Typed in your domain directly

In light of their prior actions, it’s fair to assume that the people hitting up your site will be prepared to invest their time in online dating. This makes them a pre-qualified user, as they are already interested in your product.

Why would you NOT want to target this user again? The answer is easy – you DO want to target this user again, right now. They are clearly interested in your brand, site or product and are merely in need of a little persuasion. Maybe they just need some reassurance before investing some more in your dating brand.

The fact is simple: the more they see your brand, the more likely they are to sign up to your dating site.

To find out more about Google Remarketing, please don’t hesitate to contact your Partner Manager today or get in touch with the team by emailing [email protected] or by calling +44 (0)1753 271288.

Alternatively, visit the Google’s comprehensive guide to remarketing:

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