Tips for Partners: Cross Promotion

Here in the Partner Team, we are always working to help our partners drive more members to their sites. Cross registration is a great way to do this. It allows you to use the portfolio of sites that you already have to your advantage by marketing them to your existing members.

Whether you only have a few sites or a large portfolio, cross promotion is a great tool that is still relevant to all our partners. The first method of cross promotion utilises existing email campaigns; try adding banners that link through to your other sites at the bottom of any email campaign that you send. When a member clicks on the banner at the bottom of your email, they are automatically registered to the sister site featuring on the banner.

The second method of cross promotion involves adding in banners to the bottom of the application itself. Registration operates slightly differently with the application format; this is a two click process but there is still no form for the member to fill in and all of their details will be instantly registered on the site, making this a very simple process. App banners can also be configured so that they appear at the bottom of the page after the customer has been a member on the site for 30 days. By this time, they will be familiar enough with the format that the chance of a member wanting to pay for more than one of your sites increases significantly.

If you choose to have just one additional site included in the email or app, banners would need to be formatted to the following measurements:

  • Email: 760 x 120
  • Application:  960 x 120

The best way to monetise your members and get the most from cross promotion is to promote two sites at the bottom of the email and application. The banners for these would need to fit to the following measurements:

  • Email: 380 x  150
  • Application:  460 x  150

Please see the screen shot below for an example of each:



In order to set up cross promotion on your sites, you will need to design the banners within the appropriate measurements and send them over to your Partner Manager, stating which banners are to be used on which site. They can then set this up for you. If you can’t decide the best way to do this, discuss it with your Partner Manager and they will be able to advise you.

If you have any questions at all or for more information, please don’t hesitate to contact your Partner Manager today.

Sarah Iles, Partner Manager @

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