The Wedding Of The Century Is Fast Approaching…

The wedding of the century is fast approaching and in less than two week’s time, the young and handsome Prince William is set to wed his university sweet-heart, Kate Middleton. As their big day draws closer, public anticipation builds and Britain gets set to celebrate the biggest royal wedding for 30 years. Around a million people are expected to travel to central London on 29th April to watch the happy couple tie the knot, not to mention the two billion people that the wedding is expected to attract on a global scale.

Naturally, working just down the road from the royals (yes we’re still waiting for our invite), we’re pretty excited for the wedding. However, there are a couple of weddings that have got us a little more excited. Here are just two of the fantastic testimonials that we have received from two of our lucky members, who have managed to find their very own ‘happy ever after’.

Dating in Wales

“We both joined the site in March 2010 and George started writing to me soon after. We got on really well by letter but as he lived in North Devon and I lived in Swansea we joked that the only way we would get together was either by boat or swimming the Bristol Channel. His circumstances meant that he was very tied to where he lived and could only get away with great difficulty and a lot of organisation but in May, we met in Reading and from then our mutual attraction and love for each other meant that we overcame all of the obstacles. In October last year we got married and are now looking forward to a long and happy future together. All this shows that age is no barrier (we are both over 60) nor is distance if you love one another!” – Silvia, 64, South Glamorgan.

Yours Dating

“I had been with Yours Dating for a few months and was about to give it up when I had an email from Brian in Devon. Never thinking he would travel all the way to Yorkshire, but he did and we got on so well! I went to Cornwall at the end of January for a few weeks and Brian proposed on Valentine’s Day and I accepted. We are hoping to get married on the 17th of September this year. We had both been widowed and found it very lonely but now we’re both very happy.” – Barbara, 74, West Yorkshire.

Every day our Retention Team are busy taking calls from people who have found ‘the one’ online. We then follow each of these calls up with a personalised congratulations email and a request to hear more about their story, should they be happy to share it.

A success email arriving in the inbox at Global Personals HQ is much like someone bringing in a cute little puppy, promptly followed by a series of ‘ooohs’ and ‘awwws’. Success stories, such as the two above, really illustrate the hard work that goes on both in-house and by our partners, helping to bring people together and getting them started on their journey. I’m sure you’ll agree that these two success stories are heart-warming and will join us in wishing them all the best for the
future. They may not be Wills and Kate, but they certainly get our royal seal of approval.

Amy Loudon, Partner Team Assistant.

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