The Power of Networks

This week Chris Georghiou, Business Development Executive, takes over the blog…

How many times have you said yourself, or heard people say ‘well I didn’t have a choice’? Agreed, not all choices made may be the correct ones; however it is human nature to want to have the option to make our own decisions. Surely this is what makes everybody different.

We have the power of choice and choice is just that….POWER! In the wonderful world of Dating this is no different. A site that launches across all networks offers more choice, more options and therefore has more power. Here at we thrive on giving our partners choice and recommend that they give their members choice. It is not a simple case of this is how we operate, take it or leave it…’s, this is what we can do and what can we do for you?

As a member this stays the same…what is the member looking for and what do they want? Some members may not know and sign up to a general site and then suddenly realise it’s not for them. They may be looking for a flirtier encounter…or would like to be part of a more exclusive audience. In other words they are looking for choice. A site that fits across all of our networks offers this choice. It offers the opportunity for a member to find the love of their life, their soul mate, their best friend. It also gives our unrivalled Retention Team the opportunity to recommend a more suitable service to the member within the brand that they trust from the start.

The result – a member joins the site on the network more fitting to their dating needs. The site owner is happy, White Label Dating is happy and more importantly, the member is happy.

I am not sure how many times I have mentioned choice here but this is what the power of networks is all about. The success of any dating site is determined by the user experience. By creating a brand that fits across all of our networks you are creating more paths and options for the user to take. As a result you are fully maximising the potential of your site.

You read this blog not because you were told to, but because you had the choice to.

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