The Power Of Cross-Sell

With the niche facility up and running, now is the time to utilize cross-sell opportunities between your portfolio of sites. This increases the ability to maximise the value of your traffic, but it also delivers a good experience to the customer – they can find a product (or sites) that perfectly fits their needs and are more likely to buy from a known source, increasing brand loyalty.

Once you have a selection of sites in place, maximize your cross-sell by using the following promotional tools.


These are banners that the member sees once he or she has logged in and can advertise another site in your network. Snippets are highly effective and produce quality click-through traffic. FHM’s ‘Flirty Fun’ snippet saw a basic member conversion rate of 19%, with 33% converting to full membership. Your Partner Manager can provide pre-made Snippets that are designed to promote another network, however it’s best if a snippet is specially designed to fit with your website’s brand. Please see FHM as an example with their ‘No Strings’ snippet below:


Send a newsletter to your members specifically highlighting site(s) that may be of interest to them. Click-through links and ‘join now’ buttons can be added throughout, making it very easy for the member to join another site in your network. For content ideas, speak to your Partner Manager who can advise and arrange a newsletter for you.

Email Footers
Similar to snippets, these can be inserted at the end of each newsletter and track results in the Partner Portal.


Having a range of sites not only maximizes your use of the range of networks but helps you to build a trustworthy and strong brand that understands the varying needs of online daters. Speak to your Partner Manager today to discuss the power of cross-sell!

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