The Power Of Cross-Reg

We have seen time and time again the success of cross-registration newsletters and snippets, whereby a ‘sister’ site is advertised to the member resulting in that member having two subscriptions. The important thing to remember is that you will only pay for that member once via paid search, (or whatever advertising method you are using), and depending on the sites you cross-sell to them, they can potentially pay twice or more.

To make the registration process on the ‘sister sites’ even easier for your member, we have launched cross-registration. This registers the member to the sister site you are advertising in just one click, transferring all of their vital stats to their second account. Cross-reg can be used within newsletters sent by our team, or within email footers and site snippets.

With this process in mind, you will almost have a 100% click to registration rate- I say almost because those members who may already have an account on the sister site will be shown the message ‘you are already registered on (site name)’. Pushing two services to your member rather than just the one will give them enough variety so that gradually, at least one of the options will encourage them to upgrade their membership.

Something to bear in mind with cross-reg is BRAND BRAND BRAND! You have worked hard to build up a name in the dating world in what is a very competitive market, so the most successful cross-reg results will come by advertising a sister site which maintains your dating brand. Your member should have a good experience associated with your brand, and therefore are more likely to register on a second or even third sister site.

So, what are you waiting for? Cross-reg is available in all territories, on all networks, so it’s worth expanding your portfolio to cover each market. Speak to your Partner Manager about how you can expand your portfolio and what niches and networks will appeal to your already registered members. You will also need to develop some cross-sell banners that will appear at the bottom of all newsletters advertising a sister site. This banner must be 760 pixels in width but your account manager can give you more direction on copy and imagery to be used! Get cross-selling!

Lauren Barnes,
Partner Manager.

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