The February Mid-Monther

With Valentine’s Day done and dusted for another year, here’s our mid-monther to keep you up to date with all the busy goings-on at HQ!


Wink Weekend + Valentine’s Day Success!


With over 85,000 winks sent on the Sunday alone, our ‘Wink Weekend’ was a huge success across the network and we saw high amounts of member activity on Valentine’s Day.  Compared with last year’s V Day, revenue collected was up by 65% and basic members increased by 35%. If you need some ‘spring inspiration’ for your site, why not book in a meeting with your Partner Manager?


Partner Portal Improvements


We have made a number of changes to the Partner Portal and we are currently working on lots more features that will be available in the next couple of weeks. This will include:

– A currency breakdown for your account will be available to show the following metrics:
– Registrations
– Downgrades
– Initial Upgrades
– Re-Initial Upgrades
– Initial Revenue
– Re-Initial Revenue
– Re-Bill Revenue
– Refunds
– Chargebacks
– Total Revenue

– In order to make your VAT returns much easier and simplified, you will be able to run a VAT report across all sites over any set period.

– Within the site reports, we will be showing how many of your members have been marked as a scammer by our moderation and customer care team – be sure to keep an eye on this report as new traffic sources can always throw up a surprise.

– On your Account Dashboard you will be able to see a total of your account in the last 30 days by currency.

We will be running a webinar in March to help you get the most out of the Partner Portal.

We would like to say a big thank you to all of the partners who have helped us refine the portal with their great ideas.


Facebook Connect Launched


Currently being rolled out on Gold, Silver and Media sites, Facebook Connect is an application that has a wide range of benefits.

New members can now register using their Facebook account login.  We will be rolling out the opportunity for existing members to sign in with their Facebook details in the near future.

Further down the line, members will also be able to import and use photos from their Facebook account. This will increase the user experience tenfold and we have already seen some fantastic results with sites which have been running the application for a couple of days. Keep an eye on the blog where we will publish our findings in a few weeks’ time. To take advantage of this great opportunity, please speak to your Partner Manager today.


Mature Network Continues to Boom!


According to research by the Oxford Internet Institute, men and women who were between the ages of 40 and 69 were most likely to use online dating websites in order to find love, with 36% of the respondents saying they found their current partner on the internet.

This research backs up the phenomenal success we have experienced on our mature network. Over the past three months, the mature network has seen revenue increase by 25%, plus new member levels have soared by 46%. It’s great to see this network grow more and more by the day. If you have any questions about the mature network, contact the Partner Team today.


Thanks for reading!

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Kindest regards,
Louisa Page
B2B PR & Marketing Executive

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