The Dating Diary – a single women’s search for online love

This morning the Daily Mail features a double page article on a single women’s 12 – month online dating experience, lets she how she got on shell we…..

Let’s begin with her story.

Jo Middleton was the classic single women in her 30’s. She had two children, one aged 12 and one aged 5. Her and her partner of nine years decided to separate after being in a relationship that was just not working. Jo decided, being the sexy Singleton she had become to give online dating a try. Here’s how she get along;

As January come around Jo had not quite started her online venture just yet, as many do she thought she would see what was right there in front of her first, you never know there might be that friend that you have always over looked. The easiest place to start, a work colleague….obviously! However this is not always as exciting as you planned. The cute guy you used to flirt with by the photocopier turns out not to be the ever so daring, sweeping you off your feet kinda guy you thought he was, he actually turns out to be quite dull! Not the best start to things.

As many people find, the world can be a very small place, everybody seems to know everyone and as soon as your friends and especially your mother find out that your single you end up getting set up with everyone and anyone. The only way to properly meet someone new is to try the ever daunting online dating game…so in February that’s exactly what Jo did.


Creating her online profile was a bit of a challenge for Jo at first. It is hard to sit there and promote yourself in 200 words, there are however many ways around this.

Friends can help you, give you some reasons as to why they think you’re so great, always helps. Try not to be so serious, add a bit of humour to it, it doesn’t have to be too serious now does it? Anyhow Jo managed to set up her profile and away she went….she didn’t hang around, she set up a blind date and her dating game begun!

So her first date didn’t go quite to plan, he asked quite a few odd questions which even to us did sound a bit odd for a first date??

March come along, and back on the bandwagon it was for Jo, she decided to widen her search criteria, always a great idea as you can be a little to specific when you first set up your profile so being slightly more open minded is definitely a positive.
The second date ends unfortunately quite similarly to the first…not so successful, the fact that she nearly ran away as saw as she saw him was not a good start…..

Throughout the year it seems Jo’s date keep having a similar pattern. A few moved to the second date but none seemed right for Jo to go to that all important third date.

It seems to me that Jo enjoys her single life that little bit to much to settle back into a relationship for now. She even cancelled a date so she can go to a party single and have a bit of fun. Reflecting on her 12 month long journey, Jo seems a more confident and excitable Singleton! Her journey seems to have opened doors she never knew existed, it seems to have given her a brand new lease of life! She may not have found love within the first few months of her online adventure but she has certainly had fun! This is what Jo had to say about her experience , “I may not have found Mr Perfect quite yet, but meeting so many new people has made me more confident and accepting of myself and what i might have to offer another person. I have high hopes for 2010.”

We wish Jo all the best in 2010, and really enjoyed hearing her story. Remember you may not meet Mr perfect first try and you may even have to kiss a few frogs before you meet your price charming, but when you do, it will definitely be worth it and not only will you end up with your new perfect partner you will also have many funny dating disaster stories that you can share down the pub!

Give it a try, it really can change things for you. Here’s to a loved up and successful 2010! 🙂

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