The Biggest Event Of The Year! held the event of the year this passing weekend, entertaining our partners with a two day conference and a fabulous black tie dinner in a country manor hotel in Oxfordshire. The event was held to relaunch the new strategies and benefits, and to highlight all the ways we will work even harder in our partnership! We filled you in on the changes that are beneficial to our progression together, as everything is just not possible without yourselves, the partners. So we wanted to recognise YOU for your hard work in partnership with and how we will grow and develop further together!

To those who attended the conference, thank you very much! We are so pleased to hear how you really benefited from it and enjoyed yourselves too! The feedback from you was fantastic and we’re so pleased everyone truly understands the new opportunities and information that will ultimately benefit your business and revenue in the most positive ways! The future success of your company is ultimately not just your goal but ours. We want you to run the best business you possibly can and we’re ecstatic to know you want to increase your revenues and brand value with our knowledge and know how. Your attendance has shown us how much you value us, and we stand by our words that we will do everything we can to ensure we help you to progress to the next level!

With our vision of dominating the world of online dating and your drive to get there, the family is stronger than ever and we’re so happy you’re a part of it! Thank you all again for attending. Can’t wait for next year! Let’s continue in our path of success together.  🙂


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