The Benefits Of Our Premium Template

Have you been looking at your site recently and thinking that you would like it to look cleaner and have some new and exciting features? Is your site currently running off our Standard Template? Why not move your site over to our Premium Template and freshen it up in the process.

With the online dating market becoming highly popular, you want your site to be eye-catching and stand out in the competition. Now is the time to think about transferring your existing site(s) over to our Premium Template. All of the new development projects will only be available on the Premium Template so it’s time to get moving! To give you an idea of how this template differs (apart from looks), below is a list of features available on the Premium Template only:

– Has a strong track record of higher conversion rates compared to the Standard Template

– Offers the member an improved layout and general functionality and versatility, including extensive search functionality, plus a faster, better all-round service

– Members are able to log in using their Facebook details through application Facebook Connect

– We continually look to improve and upgrade our platform and niches (Niche Dating Phase 2 has just been launched); and these ongoing improvements are being made to the Premium template only

The Premium Template also features:

– Threaded message conversation view
– Aggregated inbox for messages, winks, favourites and gifts
– Status updates
– Activity feed
– ‘Introduce Yourself’ Ice Breaker to Search Results
– Enhanced payment page

So, what other reasons could you need to upgrade your site and improve member engagement and site performance! Get in touch with your Partner Team today who will be happy to help.

Sarah Iles, Partner Manager.

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