Blog post: White Label Dating CEO Talks Working From Home Productively on The GDI Podcast

White Label Dating CEO Talks Working From Home Productively on The GDI Podcast!

Here at White Label Dating we were able to implement a “work at home” policy rapidly in early March in order to protect our employees from catching and spreading the coronavirus. As many of our partners are already aware, the safety of our staff and partners is at the forefront of everything we do!

The staff at White Label were able to transition into this working environment so quickly and seamlessly because of our history of working successfully with remote workers and being able to work from different locations easily.

GDI Podcast

At the start of this month, our co-founder and CEO Ross Williams appeared on the GDI Podcast to explain how the White Label teams are able to work so well from home, how the outbreak has affected the dating industry and what is next for video messaging and profiles across our award winning platform.

In the podcast, which you can find here, you will hear Ross discuss in depth the change in user demand and why now is a brilliant time for entrepreneurs, especially media partners, to create their own dating site using the White Label solution! You’ll be able to hear Ross’ predictions on what the future of both online and offline dating could look like and why he thinks this new trend of increased user interest and high conversion rates could last the duration of 2020!

COVID-19 & Dating

As with all any change in any industry, there comes opportunities! We’ve put together some ideas to help you grow your online dating business during a time where competition is low and user intent is high.

If you’d like more ideas on how to drive up your profitability and grow your business, read our post all about finding opportunity in adversity.

Opportunities in online dating

During the GDI podcast, you will hear Ross discuss White Label Dating’s plans to expand into video messaging, video profiles and video stories to help keep already-engaged members online for longer. He discusses how video could change the landscape for online dating and how White Label is adapting to that!

Find out more about how user demand has changed and the opportunities to increase profits for your dating sites by visiting our latest blog post here.

The WLD Inside Track

As Ross mentions in the podcast, the Inside Track is a video series that was launched in March 2020. The purpose of the videos is to share the vast dating industry knowledge that is shared among the White Label teams as well as to give updates on new projects being launched by White Label Dating.

Ross discusses the potential of Youtube, Instagram and TikTok as verticals to grow customer bases – especially while advertising is more readily available and affordable due to the lower competition as a direct result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

For more information on any of these subjects, speak to your account manager or reach out to [email protected] today!

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