The revenue our partners are generating per acquired member has increased by +29%!

We’re helping partners to improve how much revenue they generate from each member acquired from their paid advertising campaigns – the first time the member upgrades (initial revenue).

Following a number of product enhancements and releases including new registration forms, video calling, on-site UX optimisations, new niches (plus lots more), we’re proud that upgrade rates and our partners’ ROI has grown substantially. 

IRPABIn May, the average amount of revenue generated from each member that came from a paid advertising campaign was +29% higher than last August. Coupled with these impressive returns, May’s same-day conversion rate (the number of members that upgrade on the same day that they register) has also grown by +16.2% when comparing this April.

Same-day Conversion

This means our partners are able to acquire traffic much more confidently, knowing they will see a return on the same day and achieve more registrations for the same cost! 



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