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It’s that time again; time to share some of our recent success stories with you! As always we’re never short of testimonials from members who have left one of our sites because they found ‘the one’, with the help of online dating. So without further ado, check out the latest couples who have found their version of happily ever after on the platform.

Yours Dating

“Having been a widow from 2003, I joined the site in March this year. I found it hard at first but then got the hang of ice breakers. How’s this for an opening? I got a message one day and it said ‘how scary is this, here goes if you want to meet up and have coffee then I am your man, but shy bairns get nae toffee!’ I thought what a cheeky lad! So I sent him one saying ‘sweet sugar candy man’ and after we exchanged a few e-mails, I just said ‘if you are interested here is my number’; I thought things were going a bit slow you see. I also thought, maybe he doesn’t want to see me because on the website, you could see how old I was and when I saw his profile I thought I had won the lotto; he is only just in his 50’s and I am in my 60’s (I am 9 years older than him). I had not laughed for a long time and the day my darling Andy rang, I laughed and I have never stopped! He made me laugh, giggle and cry all at the same time.

Well, he asked me out for a meal, my answer was, well, yes! I felt like a teenager all over again. The day arrived and when he came to my door, he brought me roses! All night he was a real gent. This man knows how to looks after his lady; this man is all man. He stood up when I walked into a room, opened car doors, shop doors, pulls chairs out when I sit down; he’s the real deal even now 7 months later. We are now planning our wedding day. It will be May the 11th next year, at his parish church. I have fallen head over heels for this man. I have closed my small business and moved over to Lancaster to be with him. It is Christmas every day in our house!”

Elite London Dating

“Cara wrote the first email to me. My profile immediately appealed, not only as someone she would like to know but someone she already  knew. The initial email got a response and quickly emails were exchanged daily, then twice daily marking the ends and beginning of each others days. We exchanged mobile numbers which allowed for regular texting to be added to the mix. After a couple of weeks, a formal time was set for a telephone conversation. It was wonderful to hear each other’s voices. There were no awkward silences, just perfect relaxed conversation. Phone calls quickly became part of the daily communication routine, with some lasting nearly 3 hours.  Given work and commitments with children, it was another couple of weeks until we could meet in person.

The pressure was really high leading up to the ‘first date’. We both felt as if we had so much to lose, if for any reason the first meeting did not go as hoped. We had invested so much time in writing, texting and speaking to each other on the phone, it was like we knew everything about the other person, apart from the everyday details. We knew what made the other angry, frustrated or happy and how to impact that. We were already such integral parts of each others lives.

We were both extremely nervous; just being next to each other that night was an intensely emotional experience and not a disappointment in the least. We met for a drink in central London with a romantic Moroccan dinner and live music at bar afterwards.  We quickly scheduled follow up dates and before we knew it, seeing each other daily was a necessity. While it all happened very fast, nothing has ever felt easier and more natural. We are grown ups, we know what we want, what we don’t want and know our own foibles and strengths well enough to recognise that we have truly found the person intended for us for the rest of our lives.”

As always we’d like to say a huge congratulations to both couples and wish them a very, very happy future together!

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