Stay Social this Christmas

While you’re off unwrapping presents and eating turkey sandwiches, your members will still be online, looking for love. After all, people don’t stop looking for love just because it’s Christmas.

In fact, with the pressure from nosey relatives at family get-togethers and couples dominating every ice rink in town, Christmas may be the number one time to find a partner. Add in that once people have unwrapped mobile phones, tablets, iPads, desktops and laptop devices and are sat in front of a Christmas film surfing the web, we will see a traditional surge in online traffic between Christmas and New Year. Now, imagine what will happen if your competitors are visible online but you aren’t.

So, want to know the best way to be visible? Simple, hang out where your customers are hanging out online. This involves producing relevant content and posting it on the right platforms; listening in on conversations and joining in where appropriate.

Plan and prepare compelling content so that it’s ready to post over the festive period. Are there any topics you can tap into or anything that typically happens over Christmas that can be related to dating? For example, why not put together a blog post on the best Christmas date ideas? Or how about an article summarising how to survive Boxing Day with your family when you’re single? Create an ‘idea tank’ and plan, create and publish content relevant to your niche and target market.

Now, I’m not suggesting you interrupt your annual game of charades to post a blog or send a tweet. With so many social media management tools on the market, you can schedule all of your posts and tweets to fire off automatically at specific times on specific days. That means that you can put in the hard work before you knock off for Christmas, and then sit back while your scheduled posts do all of the hard work for you.

Speak to your Partner Manager and find out what’s going on with our Comms plan over Christmas. There will be plenty of offers and free reads on the platform, which will not only give you great content to market but will excite existing customers and entice potential customers. Plan your activity ahead of time, schedule posts and make sure that you use social media as a tool to work in harmony with your traditional forms of marketing, so that essentially, the conversation never stops.

While you’re at it, why not get set for the New Year too and make yourself some social resolutions. With social media become increasingly integral to the marketing mix, it’s now more important than ever to be switched on. However, don’t just ‘do social media’ for the sake of doing it. In 2013, plan what it is you want to achieve and how you can go about achieving it, listen to what is being said about your specific niche to research what will work for you, analyse your findings and use those to engage with your target audience.

Amy Loudon, Content & Copywriting Coordinator

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