Starting the new year as you mean to go on

As we launch into the New Year, it’s a good time to try and get rid of any bad habits you may have developed. Here are some things to bear in mind.


One of the most important things to remember when optimising your campaigns is to structure your AdWords account correctly. A solid structure will not only help you when you come to analyse how best to optimise your campaigns, but it can also increase your Click-Through-Rate. This, in turn, will increase your quality score, thus lowering your Cost-per-Click.

Developing an extensive and complex campaign is all well and good, but maintaining a sense of continuity throughout the user journey is crucial. You should follow this format:

Keyword >>> Inclusive in the Ad Copy >>> Features available on the landing page.

Feel free to contact your Partner Manager if you need any help implementing this.


We talk frequently about the importance of utilising mobile traffic; when it accounts for over 30% of all search queries, you would be a fool not to tap into this group.
Following the previous discussion of structure in your campaigns, it’s also vital that you ensure your campaigns are divided separately into desktop and mobile. This will allow you to analyse your mobile traffic separately to your desktop traffic, which is important when considering that these sources drive traffic in different ways. In addition, make sure that you set up your mobile campaign so that it clicks straight through to your mobile landing page. In doing this, you’ll cut out slow loading times and also keep Google happy.

Be Proactive:

As Partner Managers, we’re always ready to help you to develop your campaigns and portfolios. We really want you to succeed and if you have an inspiring idea that you think could really kick start your campaign, pick up the phone and tell us about it so we can get to work. Whether it’s a new special offer, a revolutionary landing page or a development idea for the application itself, let us know and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Most importantly, have a very Happy New Year!

David Adams, Partner Manager

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