September Comms Round-up

September was all about laying the foundations for another fantastic financial year for the CRM team.

The month kicked off with yet another effort to show members how to deepen their relationships on, and engagement with, our sites through the addition of bolt-ons to their core subscription. It’s a great way of driving both revenue and life-time values and our campaign strove to highlight this.

After the huge success of the icebreaker re-set campaign last month, we opted to maintain a focus on the tool. It’s one of the best ways for our members to reach out to everyone that falls into their individual search criteria.

However, our central promotional push this month was our discount ‘Offer of a Lifetime’.  This was a great chance to re-ignite that portion of our customer base that have not been on the platform for sometime without upgrading. It proved to be an incredible driver, seeing a large increase in membership upgrades. What’s more, re-bill and re-initial opportunities are truly substantial. It’s a campaign that never fails to create big impact and always brings a smile to the Comms Team.

This offer, in various forms, was then extended deep into the database to resurrect members who are still viable upgrade opportunities – we won’t give up on any chance to get people back on our sites. This was all managed brilliantly by the team with no customer issues, strong deliverability and low bounce rates.

With the end of the month looming, we gave one final push, with a Free Read attracting a staggering numbers of members on to our sites and staying online. We quickly followed through with a three day trial, that not only converted those members but saw a record breaking re-bill rate for an offer of it’s kind. It’s been a really successful month for the platform, setting the precedent for another great financial year.

However, September wasn’t just about making a lot of money. We delivered campaigns supporting mobile usage, map functionality, profile updates and video uploads, which is a great opportunity for increasing member engagement.  A variety of campaigns were sent out across every network and every territory. as we continue to support our sites wherever they lead.

We’ve had a quick pause for breath before plunging straight into our October campaigns.  We’ll let you know how they go down next month!

Lynden Bairstow, Comms Team.

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