Saving Trees

At, we like to give something back. But we don’t just limit our do-gooding to Global Giving – we’re passionate about the environment too.

In 2012, our paper recycling efforts saved sixteen trees and it doesn’t stop there!

Rackspace, the web hosting service behind keeping all sites on the web, are the largest single corporate sponsor of the International Tree Foundation (ITF). The ITF exist to minimise the threat that we, as human beings, pose to the world’s forests. As essential components of our ecosystem, and a source of shelter, fuel, nutrition and medicine to billions of people, any work to keep trees alive and well is fantastic.

Last year, Rackspace donated over 40,000 trees to the International Tree Foundation that were planted across two forests located in Kenya and Uganda. Rackspace plant a tree on our behalf for every new server that we have ordered from them. So far, we have a mini-forest with our name on it and have been responsible for the planting of over 100 trees!

With over 1.6 billion people worldwide dependant on these forests for their livelihoods, we are delighted to be able to make a contribution to sustaining the world’s forests.

For more information about our charity work, head to our Global Giving page.

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