Saturday Night TV is Once Again Complete with Hilarious Dating Show

We all used to love our Saturday nights in with Celia Black and the classic Blind Date game show, well now your Saturday night can be once again fulfilled with a brand new dating show that has come to the box.

‘Take me out’ , a new dating show on ITV 1, which takes a prime viewing spot of 7.30pm on a Saturday night.

The new show hosted by Paddy McGuiness is designed to put the powers of female intuition to the ultimate test! The basic idea of the show involves thirty ladies hoping to find their perfect partner. The question is….will they like what they see?


Each girl has a podium with a light on, and as the sexy bachelor boys are lowered onto the stage if the girls don’t like what they see they can  press their buzzer and their light will go off. However if they do like the look of the boys they may just end up with a saucy first date. So who will end up with the date? Could judging the guys to soon be a mistake? Check out the next episode of the show on Saturday night at 7.30pm on ITV 1, you can also watch exclusive interviews and highlights of the show at

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