White Label Dating’s Standard Revenue Shares

We operate a generous revenue sharing model which means we only make money when you do. As soon as the traffic you have driven to your dating site upgrades their free memberships to paid subscriptions, we simply split the revenue.

All dating sites running on the White Label Dating platform operate on a subscription based model. This means that members agree to be rebilled at the end of their subscription period to continue using their membership.

This means our partners will generate revenue from their traffic, not only the first time the member upgrades, but each month after, until the member actively cancels their subscription.  

As part of our standard revenue share tiers you can expect to earn in line with our bronze, silver and gold tiers below.

  Monthly Initial Revenue Initial Revenue Share Rebill Revenue Share Reinitial Revenue Share
Gold minimum $15,000+  Up to 75% Up to 75% Up to 75%
Silver minimum $2,500+ Up to 70% Up to 70% Up to 70%
Bronze <$2,500 Up to 100% Up to 50% Up to 50%

To learn more about our initial, rebill and reinitial revenues please visit our help center here.


As a new partner you will start on the bronze tier. Earning up to 100% net revenue share, you will be able to confidently reinvest to grow your dating business through the tiers. As soon as you start generating a minimum of $2,500 monthly initial revenues you will progress into the silver tier. When you reach a minimum of $15,000 you will qualify for our gold tier.


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