Recent Platform Successes

It might be the time of year, it could be all of our hard work or it could just be fate. We’re not sure, but there’s one thing we are sure of and that is summer lovin’ is most definitely in the air!

Here at the towers we’ve had an abundance of success stories flying into our inboxes as we continue to connect individuals and sprinkle a little love dust into their lives.

Ok so you want to hear some? We thought as much. Let’s start with Cheryl and Paul. Their success story came from one of our media partner sites, Savage Hearts, that is on the Alternative Network.

“Whilst reading Bizarre Magazine I came across an ad for Savage Hearts and thought I would give it a try, whilst at the same time Paul was reading the very same advert in the same magazine and also signed up. After searching the website Paul found my profile and soon realised it described his dream girl so he messaged me. We then got talking and after only a few weeks we knew it was meant to be so I came to visit Paul and two weeks later moved in with him. We now have our own flat and kitten. If it wasn’t for Savage Hearts we probably wouldn’t have met each other. We both have a strong passion for all things alternative, with our mutual love of tattoos, piercings and alternative fashion. We were just meant to be.”

This success story got fantastic coverage with a piece going in Bizarre Magazine, the world’s biggest alternative culture publication, which has a monthly readership of around 231,000. Cheryl and Paul’s success story has also been picked up by a national magazine featuring an article on ‘people who have met in unusual ways’.

Another great success story came from Norman on Tay FM Dating.

“We met through the site, have only been seeing each other for about five months and on Sunday I got up on the stage at the 80’s Rewind Festival and proposed. It was awesome, but shows how much I love her. It ended up being in the Local Courier and on STV news. So yes, I can confirm this site definitely works.”

This was a very brave move from Norman I’m sure you’ll agree! We’re so happy she said yes and that story is definitely one to tell the kids.

We know we always say it, but we really do love a good old success story here at HQ. In fact we can’t get enough of them. They’re the fruit of our labour and the reason we all do what we do. You can call us cupid if you like, but we’re just doing our jobs!

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