Re-bill Revenue Increases By 40%

Re-bill revenue as a 7-day average has increased by a staggering 40% over the last 3 months, with Life Time Value (LTV) increasing by 12% based on the increased duration of packages. Termination rates across the platform have also fallen by 15% since January 2010.

In February 2010, a new moderation tool was introduced to the customer care and relationship management system, enabling the team to moderate members’ first messages, ‘Ice Breakers’, profiles, photos, videos and diarys before going live on site. This enables members who join up to a site in the evening to have their profiles often approved
within a matter of minutes.

Since introducing a separate Moderation Team to Customer Care, moderation times have dropped from an average of 12 hours per item to under 3 hours on average. The current average approval times are:

– Photos: 2 hours

– Icebreakers: 2 hours

– Profiles: 2.5 hours

– Private messages: 2 hours

– Diary entries: 3 hours

– Videos: 4 hours

Jessica Dimsdale, Customer Care Manager, comments: ‘All of this is blended but the underlying fact is that we are driving more revenue due to longer duration as a result of our work on retention and moderation’.

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