Profits Rocket Thanks to Mobile Payments!

We’re continually looking to improve the platform to provide you with more features to offer your members in the hope that this will lead to increased conversions. As part of this continued development, we were excited to introduce the ability for members to upgrade using mobile payments.

To our delight, since this introduction of this additional functionality last Friday, we’ve seen a 10% increase in new partner revenue. As this trend continues, we’re also excited for the increase that this should result in for re-bills from next month – an all round win/win situation.

Through being able to upgrade to full paying members simply by sending a text, there really is nothing standing in their way. What’s more, this functionality is great for anonymity – showing up on their mobile phone statement as a reference number as opposed to a name, great for discretion.

So, with such a great new feature available, that members are clearly starting to take advantage of, be sure to promote this as part of your marketing campaigns. After all, it appears the financial rewards could be huge!

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