Profile Page Improvements: The Impact

In early March 2011 we launched an exciting new feature across the platform, a completely redesigned profile page and several key new elements within it. The existing profile page had served the platform well. It had stood proudly revealing the likes and dislikes, the characteristics and hobbies, and thousands of photos from millions of members for over two years. But a change was needed.

At the beginning of the year the team began brainstorming ideas. Our first thought was to make the profile page a single source for all member information. To achieve this we created a simple photo gallery that could be browsed from the main profile page. Allowing viewers to get a better feel for a member without needing to move from page to page. This feature has proved a massive success, with the photo gallery receiving thousands of clicks each hour.


We then considered communication and engagement. How could we lower the barriers between two members and encourage a viewer to wink, chat or favourite the member they are viewing?

Our answer was to draw greater focus to these key features by relocating them to a more prominent position and by making them larger and bolder, with clearer labels and iconography. The impact was clear with 90% more messages, 30% more winks and 56% more members added as a favourite in the first three weeks from launch.


We also wanted to provide more ways to interact with a member. So we added the ability to comment on a member’s status, request additional photos and ask a member to come online and chat. Each of these features provides new and simple methods to engage with another member, greatly increasing the amount of communication.

Long Term Performance

With the new profile now three months old, it’s important to continue to review its performance and determine if it’s still working. To calculate this we have compared a week in mid-February and a week in mid-April. The first using the old profile page and the second using the new.

The results reveal some outstanding improvements:

– We are seeing around 118% more winks being sent per profile view
– 195% more message are being sent, helped by the new inline messaging form and photo/chat requests
– A massive 200% more members have been added as a favourite
– Average time spent on a profile has increased by 87%

Overall the numbers speak for themselves with the new profile page vastly improving member engagement resulting in more members coming together.

How Do We Measure Performance?

Building new features is only one step in a long and continuous process. Proving a feature is working is an ongoing and vital task. To accomplish this we employ a number of tools and techniques to measure statistics and reveal the performance of a page or feature.

One key tool is Google Analytics. With this we not only record page views and visits but events. These events record interaction with page elements, most commonly the pressing of buttons or completion of forms. Along with testing techniques such as A/B or Multivariate testing, we can compare how successful a new feature is against an old one before we roll it out to all our sites and members.

Looking Forward

As with all our projects, launching a project doesn’t mark the end of it. We will continue to investigate, build and test new features for the profile page and have lots of ideas in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

Pete Lambert, Head of UX.

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