Premium Template Upgrade: don’t lose your site

As you all know we are due to be discontinuing the Standard Template as of 31st March 2012. Any sites left on the Standard Template will be closed down. Our Development Team are busy building new features and functions on the Premium Template to help convert and retain your members so don’t miss out!

I know some of our partners may be put off converting sites over to the new template due to some of the daunting terminology of what is required to make the move – but it is really simple and remember if you do get stuck or need any help your Partner Manager will be more than happy to help.

Here are a few tips to make transferring your site easier and a guide of what is required –

• Have your cname set up – you will need to create a new cname record for each site that you want to transfer over to the new template- You will need to set the cname record up within your DNS settings on your host provider- your Partner Manager is more than happy to guide you through what you need to do or even log in and set it up for you. Your cname record will need to point to

• Once the cname record is set up we can then begin the transfer process- we will drop the existing site into development mode, you can then log into the partner portal and either increase the headers to 960 pixels wide or upload new ones (it might be a great time for a complete design refresh). You will need to tweak the colour scheme as the new template has a few new fields that will need colour applying to them- once you are happy with the colours of the site you will be prompted to add in the Site URL and app URL- the first box is where you need to put the site landing page name e.g the app URL is where you input the cname record you have created e.g

• Once the site has been submitted for approval we will reset it live for you. The next step will require you to change the coding on your landing page (If you do not already have this please contact your Partner Manager who will send through the new code that you will need to use)- all sites on the old template would have used code that referenced which meant once inside the application the branding of your site was lost- the beauty of the new system allows your domain name to be retained throughout the application so the user experience and confidence in the brand is reinforced.

That’s it- your site is now on the new template – we will arrange for a newsletter to be sent to your members to let them know about all the new features and functions that are now available to them on the new template.

With only 11 days to go – don’t delay get your sites moved over today!

Melissa Thompson, Partner Manager @

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