PR – The Basics

As the online dating industry continues to become increasingly competitive, finding new and fresh ways of marketing your dating site is essential if you want to keep your head above ground. A good PR campaign allows you flexibility, creativity and the possibility of driving HUGE volumes of traffic, at very little cost in some cases.

For those of you who don’t know, PR stands for Public Relations. In a nutshell, it’s creating a buzz around your brand. Whether that’s through press coverage or a PR stunt, the aim is to get people talking about your site, to increase brand awareness. This can be particularly beneficial if you’re just starting out or are looking to inject a new lease of life into your dating business.

A number of partners with highly profitable sites attribute PR as the foundation for their success. Here’s my top tips to get you started.

  • Unique niche sites make for a great PR angle. partners Top Carrots and Date at Uni are both examples of fun and interesting sites that have seen great results from PR campaigns.

  • Base your story on facts. The press want something juicy, truthful and real – a flaky story will not get results.

  • Have some case studies on file. Journalists often like to speak to members to find out about their experience on your dating site. In addition, case studies with an interesting story to tell also make for a great PR angle, adding credibility and substance to your pitch. Speak to your Partner Manager about setting up a Wufoo questionnaire to get in touch with your members.

  • Setting up specific offers can also really help you reach conversions and monetise any press coverage. When you achieve some coverage for your brand, a number of people will click-through to your site initially out of curiosity. By having a discount offer in place, you’ll increase conversions from basic to full membership and see the real value of your PR.

You can use a PR firm, a freelance PR consultant or do-it-yourself. The dedicated in-house PR team are always happy to discuss any ideas that you may have. Talk to your Partner Manager to work out the best option for you. Happy pitching!

Jess Dimsdale, Partner Manager @

[Please note, all press releases must be approved by the PR department prior to use.]

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