Positivity in the New Year

January is a time of resolutions and a chance to turn over a new leaf. As dating site owners, it’s also a good opportunity to evaluate your site’s brand and the tone that it conveys to potentially new members- is it upbeat and positive to match the new promising beginnings of 2012?

Having a positive message around your brand has a huge benefit on the performance of your dating site business. We have a range of sites across the network that have a variety of different domains and styles; however looking at data, a dating brand with a positive name also has good conversion rates. This can affect the page hit to registration rate and also the basic to paid member conversion rate too.

It’s not just about the domain name or the brand you are running; it’s also about the tone in your ad copy. People respond to positive messaging in ad copy far more than they respond to negativity. Getting a greater Click-Through-Rate is not only important for the performance of campaigns, but also getting more traffic to your landing page. Getting a higher CTR will also play a big part in the quality score on your keywords. Remember – the lower your CTR (compared to other sites bidding on the same keywords), the more you are going to have to bid to get into the top positions.

For example-

Brand A is bidding on the keyword ‘Dating’ as an exact match term and has a CTR of 1% and a quality score of 9/10 on the keyword. To get into top position, Brand A has to bid at £1.00 a click.

Brand B is also bidding on the keyword ‘Dating’ as an exact match term, but has a click through rate of 0.2% and a quality score of 5/10 on the keyword. To get into top position, Brand B has to bid at £2.00 a click.

The reason Google use these measurements is to ensure that viewers have a good user experience, and they view a lower CTR as poor user experience as it may mean the brand that is bidding on the keyword isn’t something people are interested in (along with the fact they make more money with more clicks).

Don’t forget! The Partner Team are here to help you. Here’s to a great 2012 🙂

Gary Taylor, Partner Manager @


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