PM Tips: Money for nothing!

At, we’re always looking at new ways to increase revenue potential for our partners. It’s common knowledge that to see real success with dating sites, continued investment is needed.  Whether you have a hefty budget at your disposal or you don’t, it makes good business sense to monetise the members that you have already acquired to within your portfolio.

We’ve told you previously about the benefits of cross selling and cross registration to different networks within the application and member communication emails. Luckily, the same process can also be applied to niche markets within these networks.

As the online dating market continues to grow alongside an abundance of ever-increasing competition, it’s essential to monetise members and lower cost per acquisition as much as possible. By cross selling existing members into niche areas that might be of interest to them, you open the door to better conversion rates and the possibility of charging higher subscriptions to ultimately increase lifetime values.

There are opportunities to narrow down the general network to target a number of different niches, ranging from religion, marital status and hair colour to name but a few. Historically, members are willing to pay a higher subscription fee when the likeliness that they’ll meet someone with similar interests or circumstances to them. For example, within the Mature network, you can niche again for divorced or widower sites and then cross-sell those secondary niched sites to General sites.

To advertise your new niche sites to users, use the standard cross registration banners within the application or in email communication. Alternatively, use a ‘portfolio pop under’ which will display all of the niche sites within your portfolio.

Cross-selling is a great and easy way to make the most of the members already within your portfolio. To find out more about cross-selling or get some set up on your portfolio, get in touch with your Partner Manager today.

David Adams, Partner Manager @

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