PM Tips: Expanding your portfolio

How many sites do you currently have running on our platform? Do they run across one or multiple networks? Have you expanded your sites into other countries? caters to a broad variety of networks and countries. Each network is another opportunity to broaden your site’s reach that is waiting to be taken advantage of (if you haven’t already).

Networks has three main networks; General, Adult and Mature.


The Mature network is currently only available in the UK; however, it’s still possible to cater to the mature membership base in other countries. By niching sites by age range, you are effectively still targeting mature traffic. Maintaining sites on all three networks can really improve your revenue. For example, if you have a site operating across the General, Adult and Mature networks, it’s easy to set up cross promotions both in the app and in the communications that we send out to your members. This can help to make your members aware that there are other dating sites within your portfolio that may be better suited to them, thus monetising your existing members. This means that any members who can’t find what they’re looking for, may see a banner for one of your other sites that gives them the nudge to try something new.


Have you thought about expanding your dating business into the international market? can help you launch sites in the UK, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, USA, Canada and New Zealand. Our international market has grown significantly over the last year, with South Africa and Australia taking the lead.

There are a few things you’ll need to consider first, however. You may need to reassess your site name. Find out:

  • If the domain name is available in another country.
  • Does the site name translate in another country? For example- If your site name includes slang, will this still be understood in Australia, as opposed to the UK? If not, this will affect the performance of your site significantly.

You’ll also need to look at your design. This could need changing per country, although only subtle changes may be necessary. Every market is different and your site should be optimised accordingly. Research your market and get to know the differences across your target audiences in the countries that you’re looking to expand into.


There are countless ways you can niche a site on our platform. There are many different interests and characteristics available to do this by, as well as location and age. This gives you the opportunity to make your site unique by offering something new, thus helping you stand out from the crowd. If there is a particular niche that you’re interested in and know others that will be too, why not use your knowledge to launch your own dating site targeted specifically to it? Log in to the partner portal today and see if your idea is available to niche by. The more you know about your target audience, the more you can tailor the site to that particular niche, and the more members you will attract.

So don’t be a little fish in a big pond, expand your portfolio and rule the ocean!

If you’d like to discuss any of these ideas further, please contact your Partner Manager.

Sarah Iles, Partner Manager at

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