Planet Rock Dating Success

It’s always great to hear from members who have left the site after finding love. Receiving feedback, success stories in particular, from our members is what makes the whole thing worthwhile. After all, we’re here to help people find love.

Back in March, we received an email from Lesley and Malcolm who met on Planet Rock Dating, telling us all about their success. Usually, success stories get used in the dating site’s testimonial section or blog, if they have one. However, Planet Rock were keen to speak to Lesley and Malcolm directly and turn their testimonial into a radio advert; a fantastic way to market the site.

So, working closely with the team at Planet Rock we got back into contact with Malcolm and Lesley and asked if they’d be interested in going along to the Planet Rock studios and having a chat about how they found their online dating experience and how it all began for the two of them. Luckily, Malcolm and Lesley (who were head over heels) were more than willing to shout about their happiness and share their story in hope that it might inspire other daters.

Not only was it a great day out for the new couple – going into the studios and getting to meet Darren Reddick (radio DJ presenter) – but it was also a huge success  in terms of capturing great sound bites that could be used in the radio advert. In addition, we also sent the happy couple a £50 cheque to go towards two tickets to the Legends of Rock concert, as a way of saying thank you for taking part.

The radio ad aired on Planet Rock Radio and was a great success; proving just how invaluable real feedback is in acquiring new traffic and strengthening existing brand reputation. After all, nothing shows that your service works like a testimonial from a previous, and happy, customer.

Check out the final Planet Rock Dating audio advert below!

[gp_audio mp3=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/planetrock-20121006.mp3″ ogg=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/planetrock-20121006.ogg”]

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