Partner team now Google Advertising Professionals

Managing your Google AdWords account well has to be a priority if you are to succeed at making the most of your marketing campaign for your website.

As many of you may know, ensuring that our partners are receiving the help and guidance they deserve is absolutely paramount to us all here at We also know that when it comes to setting up a site, marketing the site is part of the process that many of our partners tend to struggle with.

With some of our most successful partners are now spending in excess of £50,000 per month on their online marketing campaigns, we need to make sure that it is being spent in a way which will achieve maximum return. So, 6 of our longest serving members of our partner accounts team spent a period of time managing an Adwords campaign and completing a Google exam, becoming Google Advertising Professionals.

As Google Advertising Professionals they have not only been through the full Google training programme, but they now they now have full access to a team of Account Managers and Optimisation specialists at Google who are there to advise and monitor all AdWord accounts we have running here at WLD.

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