Partner Manager Tips: Tracking your way to success

This week, Partner Manager, Jess Dimsdale, takes us through a step by step guide to campaign tracking.

Whether your dating site with is a side-line business, or it’s your full-time career, all partners have the same objective; to generate revenue and the best possible ROI.

To ensure that your site(s) are successful, you need to begin with the basic. One of the most important things that I stress to all my partners is the necessity of tracking campaigns within the Partner Portal. Tracking is a fundamental practice in optimising your site to its greatest potential. It’s pointless to spend money on advertising without analysing its performance.

So, I’m going to talk you through how to set up campaign tracking for your sites.

Log into the Partner Portal, and go to the Overview page of the site that you want to set up campaign tracking for. There will be a heading called Campaign URL Builder at the bottom right hand side of the page. Now the fun begins!

  1. Click on Campaign URL Builder, which will take you through to a separate page.
  2. This page will ask you to fill in the necessary requirements for building a separate URL. These will be as follows :
  • URL: This needs to be the exact URL of the landing page of your site, starting with “http://”
  • Source: Identify the source of your traffic that you want to track, for example; Facebook, Google, Advertising etc.
  • Campaign: Give the campaign a title that refers to something specific to your campaign that you want to monitor, for example; banner shape/banner size/campaign topic.
  • Keyword: If you are advertising with Google or Yahoo, you can track and identify how different keywords are performing for you. If this is not relevant to your campaign, leave the form as unspecified.

When you have completed the form, click Generate URL; an example URL will look something like this:

Now you’re half way through! The next step in tracking your campaigns is to add the relevant code to your landing page. You can find the code on the Overview page, under the Campaign Tracking URL section. Copy and paste the code into the footer of your landing page design, as per the usual instructions.

Now that you have generated the specific campaign URL and input the relevant coding, it’s important that you use this URL as your destination URL. If you fail to do so, the system will not be able to track and report the correct information back to you.

When campaign tracking has been implemented, you can see your advertisements’ success by heading to the Site Reports tab, which can be found on the Overview page under Campaign Tracking.

So there you have it, easy right?! Campaign tracking can be incredibly valuable in making your site a success.

For more information, or guidance on how to set up campaign tracking correctly and analysing the results, contact your Partner Manager today!

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