Partner Manager Tips: New Business and Smaller Partners

Our Partner Managers are experts in the field of online dating. They know what works, what doesn’t and how to drive traffic to your site. This week, David Adams, who specialises in site launches and Business Development, shares some crucial advice.

With talk of our bigger partners generating annual revenues in excess of £1,000,000, it got me thinking; what about the partners just starting out?

Having recently joined the B2B Partner Team from Customer Retention, I work closely with our Business Development manager, Chris. Together, we take on new partners and help them to grow their new business venture from the ground up. With the knowledge I have gained over the past few months, I wanted to share some key elements that any new partner should consider.

Firstly, it’s essential to think about which area of the dating market you think is missing something. Alternatively, consider what you can offer to an existing market to identify what your site offers exclusively – what is your unique selling point and what makes you stand out? Set yourself goals based on what you want to achieve after six, twelve and eighteen months. Be prepared not to make thousands from the offset, as building a brand takes time.

When you are designing your landing page, it’s worth keeping in mind that this is the first point of contact your customer will have with your brand. Best practice will always be to have a professionally designed landing page with optimised performance prior to your launch. After all, if you are paying to market your site, you want to maximise the chance of getting users to register straight away.

Important things to factor in are:
1. Have a clear call to action.
2. Keep it clean. The page shouldn’t be too busy.
3. Most importantly, make sure the site is aesthetically pleasing. Sign-ups will be minimal if the landing page looks like it’s been designed by a school design class.

When the landing page is ready and the back-end of the site has been customised, the next step is promotion! The competition is vast for online dating sites but this doesn’t mean that you won’t succeed; you just need to put in the hours. Even without an extensive budget, you can still build a very successful portfolio on the platform. You simply need to prepare to be very analytical of the data gathered from your campaigns.

So, be aware of the key stages throughout the site launch process:
1. Set your goals
2. Design your landing page to a professional level
3. Promote
4. Analyse

As soon as your account has been set up with, you will be assigned a Partner Manager. Make sure you use them! We’re here to advise you on your site design, any campaigns you put together and how to drive traffic. If you’d like to speak to your Partner Manager about anything discussed in this blog, please get in touch today.

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