Partner Manager Tips: Making the most of the Partner Portal

This week, Partner Manger Alex Robertson, tells you why you should be making the most of the Partner Portal.

As you are aware, becoming a partner grants you access to our fantastic partner portal. The portal allows you to view your basic members and revenues, as well as tracking all of your advertising campaigns.

As a rule of thumb, partners who make the most of the resources available within the portal are more successful than those who don’t. So, I’m going to talk you through exactly what the portal has to offer. The tools are as follows:

  • Member Conversion by Time-frame – This tool allows you to monitor how long it takes for your traffic to convert, which is a good basis to plan your marketing activity.
  • Revenue and Memberships by Time-frame – This tool identifies exactly how many basic members sign up on a daily basis, as well as showing how many full paid members you have. You can see initial payments, re-initial, re-bills, refunds, charge-backs and overall revenue.
  • Campaign Tracking – As Jess reported in her blog last week, tracking your campaigns is an essential part of running a successful site. The tool allows you to track any advertising campaign. You can also analyse which keywords are driving the most traffic, as well as which of those are converting the best. You can then optimise your campaigns accordingly.
  • Payments by Subscription Period – Here you can identify which price package your members are using most frequently, whether it’s one month, six months or a year. You can then generate relevant offers as a result.
  • Payments by Offer Code – Payments by offer code lets you track all payments that are made as a result of any offers that you’re running. If you have several offers, you can track the most effective.
  • Members by Location – Use this tool to see where your members are located. Locations are listed by city – for example, if you are attracting a large number of members from London, it’s possible to target marketing campaigns to this area specifically.
  • Members by Age Range– This allows you to see which demographics your site is most popular with, which will again help you to target your ads more effectively.
  • Scammers by Time-frame – This tells you exactly how many scammers have been found on your sites and when they were identified. If a particular site seems to be attracting a lot, it may be a good idea to think about where you are advertising.

So if you want to bring up your conversion rates, generate more revenue or find out the lifetime value of your paid members, now is the time to start making the most of the Partner Portal.

If you need any help and advice on how to use any of the tools or navigate your way around the portal, contact your Partner Manager today who will be happy to assist.

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