Partner Focus: Top Carrots

If you’ve not heard of Top Carrots, where have you been hiding?! The niche dating site targeted specifically to redheads has gone from strength to strength, following its recent launch. Top Carrots caters for anyone who is or, is looking to date, a redhead, so you don’t have to be a redhead to join (although it helps!).

Whilst this isn’t the first dating site to target the redhead community, it has certainly proved to be exceptionally popular. Top Carrots has achieved press coverage in the Daily Mail, the Daily Star and increased activity across a number of social networks. Proud ginger and site owner, Sam Heakin, also championed the redhead community on ITV’s This Morning as part of a ‘Ginger Hair Debate’, as well as the site featuring in Channel 5’s, The Wright Stuff.

Sam, who has always been proud of his ginger tresses, is the latest of our partners to launch a niche dating site responding to the demands of the single world. With Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran and Emma Stone continuing to dominate headlines and a trend emerging within the dating community which sees redheads becoming increasingly popular, Top Carrots promises to help members “find that special Redhead”.

Welcome to the family, Sam. We look forward to seeing some more of that ‘Ginger Charm’ in the future!

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