Our 8th Birthday Bash!


On the 31st August, the company turned eight so in true WLD fashion, we set aside some time to celebrate. Hanging up our working hats for the day, we took to the streets of Windsor to begin the first part of the action packed day – a scavenger hunt. The perfect opportunity for a little team bonding and time to put our team skills to the test!

The scavenger hunt then led us onto our next stop of the day – Yellowfoot – where we spent the rest of the afternoon getting involved in various activities. Everything from wall climbing, problem solving, building, and even aviation (well…if you can call building a parachute for an egg and dropping it from a pole, aviation!). Everyone threw themselves into the activities and thanks to the brilliant hosts, we had a great day. Who knew we were such a competitive bunch?!

Rounding off the day everyone glammed themselves up – even the WLD boys- and boarded the party boat for a few well deserved drinks and an all-round good night. The day was a big hit and everyone involved had a great time. Here’s to the next birthday!

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