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Easter Fast Approaching – Best Get Cracking!


For the first time ever, UK workers will be able to enjoy consecutive four-day weekends, sandwiched by a short working week. Traditional movement and spending patterns will be broken as people are working less, and will be willing to spend more to get value from days off. Around one fifth of the UK workforce are looking to make the most of the break by taking off the three days between bank holidays, giving them a lengthy eleven day holiday.

NOW is the time to ramp up your spend to take advantage of the predicted increase in online traffic. If you haven’t done so already, speak to your Partner Manager about the best ways to increase your campaigns at this vital time in your business.


Royal Easter Treasure Hunt


On Good Friday, we will be running a ‘Royal Easter Treasure Hunt’ across UK Networks (General, Mature, Adult & Alternative), and South African and USA Networks (General & Adult). Members will be encouraged to find a ‘princess’ or ‘prince’ profile and if they send a wink once found, basic members will get one month’s free subscription with existing members receiving 200 free credits.

This activity will increase member engagement and user time spent online that traditionally sees an increase in paid conversionsnow is the time to drive members and take advantage of this activity!


Partner Portal Enhancements


Since launched the Partner Portal back in October 2009, we’ve taken on board partner feedback and have been working hard to continually make improvements. There are several new enhancements now available to all of our partners, including:

* – Increased reporting speed
* – Enhanced member reporting
* – Account total reporting
* – Marketing campaign analysis

If you have any queries, speak to the Partner Team who will be able to assist.


Partner Portal Webinar- Register Today


Our Partner Portal aims to provide you with all the necessary information to make sure your site is performing at its very best. The Partner Portal information hub includes Site Creation & Editing, Site Trends & Statistics, Dashboard Reporting, Campaign Tracking & Statements.

Would you like to hear how the Partner Portal can make you more money?

Attend our Partner Portal webinar on Thursday 5th May to hear all about its latest enhancements and how it can help your business grow.

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