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As with most businesses, competition in the online dating industry has become increasingly competitive; subsequently resulting in costs and CPAs also increasing. Check out Partner Manager Kabeer Ghale’s great ‘top tips’ below on keeping costs low, reducing your CPAs, and aiming to increase sign-ups and conversions, plus our Partner of the Month…


Kabeer’s Top Tips


Campaign Management
With the ever-changing marketplace it is becoming more and more important to tweak your campaigns, making sure that your costs remain as low as possible whilst maintaining a high quality of traffic. Campaigns should really be reviewed as frequently as possible to ensure that you are consistently out-performing. It’s a good idea to tie in analytics, so that you can analyse your spend to assess where you can make changes to further improve the performance. Don’t forget that if your campaigns are performing well in the UK, our South African, Australian, and Irish Networks are growing rapidly and consistently, so why not mirror your sites overseas and launch Internationally too?

Landing Page Optimisation
You may find that one type of landing page works better than another, or that minor adjustments to your landing pages can make a big difference in how well your campaigns convert. There are various factors that can impact decisions for a visitor to sign-up (or not). Essentially the Registration Form is the most important aspect of the page. Making the dating application as accessible as possible for the user by clearly placing your Search Feature and Latest Members is also very important; having all the ‘essentials’ (as I like to call them) above the page fold. Your Partner Manager will be able to provide feedback on any tweaks that you are considering.

Exploring Other Avenues
Where PPC is the preferred method by most, (whether that’s search engines, ad networks, or Facebook for example); there are other avenues that you can go down, some of which are cheaper or even free. Consider social media, blogging (that will also help your SEO rankings), and press releases (online and offline) to name a few. Why not book in a meeting with your Partner Manager to discuss the best ways in which you can optimise your account today?


Partner of the Month


Congratulations to James Vestbirk who is‘s Partner of the Month. James has been a very proactive partner, taking on new information from the team and putting it into action very quickly. He has also been very busy expanding brands by launching new sites for cross-registration, investigating new PR opportunities, and also has regular contact with his partner manager. Well done James!

Hr Partner Conference & Awards 2011


Held at Fanhams Hall, Hertfordshire, this year’s Partner Conference was based around continued growth through smarter acquisition and diversification and based on the feedback we’ve already received; the Conference was a huge success! Over 60 selected Partners attended the Conference and Partner Awards dinner and we hope that they are feeling as positive and excited as we are on the future plans!

The conference presentation slides are now available to download from the ‘Resources’ section in the Partner Portal. Please don’t hesitate to contact your partner manager with any questions.

Huge congratulations to all of our award winners, and to all our partners for your hard work and determination over the past year. Enjoy your prizes and keep an eye out for the announcement of next year’s award categories!


iDate 2012 Reminder- Voting Ends Today!


On January 24, 2012 in Miami at iDate2012, The Internet Dating Conference and Online Personals Watch will host the third annual Internet Dating Industry Awards. The awards represent the top 11 categories of the industry. You can nominate websites to become the final nominees, as well as vote for the best sites in the industry.

Every Vote Counts!
We strive to be the very best in the industry. Whether it’s being the market leader for customer care, keeping scammers at bay, or providing the very best technology developed by our in-house team. If you would like to show us some love and also nominate a site from your own portfolio, please click here.

Please vote for your favourite White Label Dating provider today! Nomination submissions end today (Friday, October 28, 2011).


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