October Comms round-up

Having set our stride for the financial year with a number of offers throughout September, October has been a strong month for increasing member engagement.

We began with an app-wide campaign for members to improve the quality of their profiles, customising the message with spring and autumn themes. This saw a fantastic increase in profile submissions which freshened up the database perfectly in preparation for the month’s “featured member” comms. We also ran a diary competition to encourage members to keep their profiles current, which also saw a positive uptake in the number of diary submissions.

The “Who’s Near Me” map search facility has proven extremely popular since the its launch in June. Since then, we’ve run a series of “hotspots” campaigns across various networks, highlighting geographical areas with a particularly high density of members with a specific interest.

We’ve found in the past that comms features can directly drive revenue. Following on from previous months’ successful campaigns, we made a targeted push of bolt-on services to a selected full member networks. This was a great way of boosting sales among our less-popular bolt-ons, with revenues growing by an impressive 45%.

And so, to the sharp end that is special offers! Without the global relevance of the Jubilee and Olympics (which showed such success during the summer), September’s offers were more closely targeted, lower-profile affairs.

In October, however, we used Halloween to improve response rates further which, combined with some lower-profile offers earlier in the month, has driven high levels of revenue comparable to those seen from our Olympics campaigns. If there was any doubt that this campaign was a resounding success, it actually increased the number of members online by a staggering 110%.

November promises to be another bumper month in the Comms team, with feature launches, more special offers and, of course, the beginnings of another legendary programme for Christmas and the New Year.

Matt Harman, Comms team.

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