Niching 2: Important News

Here at we are always improving our platform for our partners.  We’re pleased to announce the latest developments to our Niching functionality. Please read on for important news as to how this can be implemented into your dating site portfolio.


Niching 2: Greater Options


Our new and improved niching functionality for all partners is now live and available.

Previously, when creating a site on the platform, you had the option of niching your site by age, gender, sexuality, location and a limited number of interests and characteristics. Members however, could still be contacted by and view content from other members outside this niche, reducing the effectiveness of some sites.


What’s New – The Benefits

Today, all partners can create sites niched on the full range of interests and characteristics (now including marital status) and additionally restrict the experience so that a member only receives contact and content from other members in the niche. Search results, messages, winks, notifications, diaries and all other content will match the niche you have specified.

You now also have a choice between ensuring all members joining your niched site conform to the niche – exclusive niche – or whether members can join even if they don’t conform – non-exclusive niche.

* Exclusive niching: If you wanted to launch a site for Christians only you would choose exclusive niche. Visible members would have their religion characteristic set as “Christian”, members joining would be automatically set as Christian and members of your site would only receive messages or winks from other Christians. Other exclusive niche examples include ethnicity or location-based sites.

* Non-exclusive niching: If you wanted to create a site for people interested in blondes, but didn’t necessarily have blonde hair themselves, you would choose non-exclusive niche. Both conformers (blondes) and non-conformers (eg. brunettes) could join the site but members would only see blonde members in search results and their message filters would be defaulted to show blonde people only.  The joining member will have the option to widen their message filters to show messages from both blonde and non-blonde members if they wish.


Why Have We Made These Changes?


To provide an enhanced niche experience for our members, giving our Partners greater opportunity to offer dating sites tailored to the smallest, most important detail. This results in better subscription opportunities, higher conversion rates and reduced acquisition costs, equalling more profit for you!


What Happens Next?


Speak to the Partner Team if you have any questions about Niching 2 and the best way of tailoring / creating sites.

Email: [email protected]

Phone (Int’l) +44 (0)1753 271280

We look forward to helping you create the best tailored sites in the online dating industry today!

Best regards,

Louisa Page
B2B PR & Marketing Executive

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