New Year’s Business Resolutions Worth Keeping!

Happy New Year! With the highest revenue experienced across the network within days after Christmas, January is also proving to be one of our busiest times of the year. We have asked some of the Partner Team here at to provide some business resolutions worth keeping in 2011 to help you have your best year yet!


Keep ongoing communications with your Partner Manager. It’s essential that we are aware of your marketing efforts as there may be updates and ideas relevant to you that will affect your campaign! The more you talk to your Partner Manager, the more you’ll learn about our efforts and the more effective the partnership will be. (Lauren Barnes, Partner Manager).

Expand Your Advertising Horizons.
In this highly competitive market it’s important to use a range of advertising rather than having all eggs in one basket. Talk to your Partner Manager about the different opportunities. (Laura Cowell, Partner Manager).

Maximize Your Profit.
By ensuring you have sites on each of the networks means that we can cross-promote your members to different sites- one acquisition cost for you but revenue from multiple site subscriptions. (Chris Georghiou, Business Development Executive).

Try to make sure any marketing you do is consistent- results won’t happen over night and don’t blow your budget in one week- you won’t know what’s working for you and where you can refine and tweak it to make improvements. (Melissa Thompson, Partner Manager).

Keep Design Relevant And Seasonal.
It establishes that the site is up to date and will suggest the members are too. A more active database is a more appealing one 🙂 Also make sure to do varying adverts on Adwords and ensure they are targeted seasonally. (Kayleigh Scott, Partner Manager).

Cross-Promote Your Different Sites.
There are many ways and places to do this including your landing page, snippets, site and email footers – take advantage of this by making site-specific banners. (Gary Taylor, Partner Manager).

Understand The Metrics Of The Business.
You need to work with your Partner Manager and understand the metrics of the business: BASIC MEMBERS = REVENUE. January is yours / our busiest time of year. Make the most of it! (Steve Pammenter, Co-Founder & Partnerships Director).

Thanks For Reading!

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Louisa Page
B2B PR & Marketing Executive
[email protected]

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