New upgrade page delivers increases in partners’ revenue

Converting your members from a free basic member to a full paying subscriber is at the heart of your dating business. More upgrades of course means more revenue. This is also a key objective for all of us at WLD and we are continually working to make the payment process as easy as possible to help drive these initial and re-initial payments.

So I’m pleased to announce the launch of our new upgrade page this weekend. The project combined research and analysis from the Marketing team with an elegant implementation by our Development team’s designers and developers. The new page simplifies the multi-step process into one step, removing clutter and focusing the member’s attention. We also re-ordered the payment period options so that a 6-month package was pre-selected and displayed first, instead of the 1-month to encourage members to sign up for longer subscription periods.

New payment process

So that we could first measure the difference in conversion with the previous method, we ran a pilot over the last month on Singles365, using A/B testing. Half of Singles365’s basic members received the previous version and half were shown the new one. The results showed a clear increase in revenue per upgrade, meaning more people were selecting the longer package, plus an increase in the total number of upgrades against the last process, indicating a decrease in payment abandonment.

Confident and pleased by the results of the analysis, on Friday afternoon we switched all sites to use the new process in favour of the previous method. Early indications have shown an immediate 10-20% increase in initials/re-initials across all partner sites.

Over the next few weeks we will continue to monitor upgrades and customer feedback to ensure take-up is as smooth as possible from these changes. We are also planning further incremental changes for the re-upgrade process and aim to detail these soon.

Interested in what we do?

All of our development, marketing, account management and customer care is located in our headquarters in Windsor so we’re able to co-ordinate and launch improvements like this quickly.

We’re now recruiting for a number of new positions, specifically in the development team. Take a look at our current vacancies if you’re interested in joining us.

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