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With the increasing trend of people becoming more web savvy and wanting good value for money, never before has there been such an opportunity for smaller niche dating sites to appeal to this audience.

People want to feel that they’re engaging with a brand rather than a faceless large corporation and the smart use of Social Media can enable you to do this. We’ve written guidance documents for you here to talk you through it.

As we understand the importance of offering the best possible value for money, we’ve been working hard on rolling out new features to encourage upgrades to full membership and have a whole raft more in the pipeline. Want to take a peak? Read on!


Recent Feature Launches


Technology that allows your site to make member recommendations based on the intelligence gathered around profiles that the member is visiting and interacting with (rather than just the search terms they specify).

Watermarked Webcam Photos

A great tool for members to upload instant photos, providing reassurance to other members that their photos are current.

Email Verification

Introduced to reduce the number of scammers, making the sites safer and a better experience for the genuine members of the sites.


Yet another safe and easy way for your members to pay.


Coming Soon

Anti-Scammer Moderation Process

In an attempt to wipe out scammers and hugely increase the satisfaction of members on the site, we will be introducing a new moderation process which will run across all sites.

As part of this process, we will detect IP addresses and email addresses that have previously been assigned to a scammer and remove them from the system. All photos, videos, profile text and first messages will then be manually moderated by one of our UK based moderation team.

Email Settings

Members will be able to choose what notifications they receive from the site, this includes a daily or weekly summary of activity by other members on their profile. This should make the process a lot more manageable for the female members on the sites.

Contact Preferences

Allowing members to receive communications only from members matching their specified criteria. This will improve the experience of members on the site and make their communications more relevant.

Advanced Search

Enabling members to search for their match based on all profile fields, options and characteristics, for example body shape, occupation, marital status etc. The improved search results will hugely increase the satisfaction of members and should see an uplift in conversions as basic members can see more individuals that are suitable for them.

Tailored Customer Communications

The introduction of the newsletter tool will mean that members can be targeted by demographic, location, interests etc. This means that content can become more relevant and can focus on retention and upsell.

Private Photos/Videos

We will be introducing the ability of members to send private photos and videos to other members ensuring discretion but encouraging interaction between the members, leading to increased satisfaction, upgrades and length of membership.


Changes to Paypal

Recent terms and conditions introduced by PayPal mean that we are having to withdraw the ability to pay using this method across our adult network. This will take effect from Friday 26th February and all other networks will remain unaffected. This does however mean that members who have signed up to the site using PayPal will be forced to use a different payment method for their next payment. Other payment options include Visa, Mastercard, cheque, postal order and mobile payments.

We will be sending communications to members shortly to ensure the smooth transition of their payments and continued membership.




As always, the team are here to support you. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your Partner Manager who will be more than happy to help.

Remember, to be the first to be notified of new features rolled out across the platform, you can subscribe to the RSS feed from our blog here and follow us on Twitter here.

We hope you share our excitement about the launch of these new features which we are the first of many steps to further increase member satisfaction, uplifting acquisition and retention of members.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Kindest regards,

Mel Kirk
B2B Marketing Manager

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