Movember – The Most Wonderful TASH Of The Year!

Chris Georghiou who works in Business Development at, reports on the office’s participation in Movember.

Here we go again…well I say that- this is the first year I have actually participated in Movember.. However, this is not important. I am fully committed to raising money, along with a hell of a lot of upper lip hair for what is a very, very worthwhile cause. The Prostate Cancer Charity and Everyman.

Having spent the last few weeks debating what type of tash I am willing to embrace, an epic battle between the ‘Dali’, the ‘Fu Manchu’ and the ‘Handlebar’ began…….

Ladies this is not an easy decision and one that should NOT be taken lightly. A close bond will develop between man and his chosen tash. He shall be nurtured, groomed and looked after with all the time and care he deserves. Who knows, maybe the tash will become an integral part of man’s life for the future?!!

So who prevailed in this epic battle I hear you ask… well you will have to wait and see.

Surely you didn’t really expect me to reveal my cunning and tashtical plan did you?

Please visit and vote for the team!! Your donations can and will make a difference.

It’s time for men across the globe to stand up and be counted. Together we stand and together we shall grow!!!

Here’s to a FANTASHTIC Movember!!!


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