More Christmas Party Shenanigans!

As it’s the time for Christmas parties we thought we would carry on the theme from last week’s blog and give you a few more stats and figures about that all important office Christmas Party.
Many of you would have had yours by now but there are still a few looming in the pipeline for this week, so have a quick read of this and you can get a few ideas of things NOT to do after a few glasses of bubbly!

A survey of more than 1000 Brits found that “inappropriate behavior should be avoided at all cost in a bid to safeguard jobs and career prospects.” This is all well and said when sober but when you get a few drinks in you, somehow it seems the right thing to do to misbehave!?

According to the survey, 47% of people thought being sick in front of your boss is the worst thing you could do at the office party, followed closely by telling your boss what you really think of them. Never a good thing when you have to see them the next day and try to explain it was only the alcohol talking and you definitely didn’t mean what you said!

Four in 10 people thought drunkenly resigning was bad, and three in 10 thought photocopying a part of your body was a major no no! I mean you never know who may have kept a copy and could embarrass you with it the next morning. had our very own Christmas party on Thursday, it was a great night and of course we were all very well behaved 🙂

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