Mobile Innovation!

Mobile Mobile Mobile… one of our biggest innovations recently which I’m sure you have all heard about. If you haven’t, then allow me to give you a quick rundown. We launched our Mobile Template just before Christmas and over the last two months; we have seen some staggering results so far.
There has been a 44% increase in mobile sign-ups (comparing last week of December 2011 to first week of February 2012). 19% of total registrations across the WLD platform came from a mobile device. Since the launch of mobile, there has been a fantastic 133% increase in initial upgrades made via a mobile device from members who initially signed up through a mobile.

Mobile is now an integral part of our business; by default we will be the largest mobile-dating provider in the UK based on overall mobile-usage and our projected stats. From a marketing point of view mobile traffic is cheaper than web, more members are using their mobiles to access dating sites (and this figure is continually increasing) and mobile traffic is converting. This essentially means that your CPAs are lower, potentially increasing your ROI. The stats really do speak for themselves.

Currently the process to get your sites mobile-enabled is a manual one and our Development Team has to build each site in batches every few weeks once we receive your assets. All we need at this stage are your logos in 6 different sizes. We have some auto-redirect javascript for your landing page which will be sent across once your sites are mobile; this essentially detects the device that the user is browsing from and if it is a mobile device, will direct the user to a mobile landing page (or the mobile-enabled application). It’s worth bearing in mind that at this stage we cannot launch niched sites on mobile.

So guys don’t miss out on this vital opportunity and don’t get left behind! Speak to your Partner Manager.

Kabeer Ghale, Partner Manager @

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